WebMap w featureservice and mapservice from single folder..

07-18-2016 02:40 PM
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Dear Readers,

thank you for taking the time to read through it.

We have a national layer with 29000+ points - we created feature and map services from the map document containing that point feature layer.

we created a web map to be consumed in web app builder based application; this web map was slow to render the feature service at national extent.  So to improve the performance, we added its map service layer and set scale dependencies to both the layers using layer options in web map.

Map service would display from national extent to county extent (as per visible range option of web maps layer options in portal) and the feature service would display from County to max possible extent.


After we added the map service layer, we were able to set the visibility range in Portal/WebMap to the desired scales. When we added the corresponding feature layer, we could not see the feature layer to set its scale dependencies.  When we saw the summary/description page of the web map, we could see the feature and map services - but on the Open Map/Contents page, we could see only 1 layer (map service consistently).

When we consumed the web map in a web app builder app, both layers were visible in the layer list.  So to go one step further, we went n modified the file under /arcgisportal/item/UniquieID8774850948585/webMap file name to

include  "minScale" and "maxScale" for map server service and layerDefinition" :{"minScale: , "maxScale:}, for feature service layer.

that didn't fix it.

it is the same behavior in IE, firefox, or chrome.

Any suggestions would be great.



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