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WebGIS DR backup fails

10-15-2020 11:53 PM
Esri Contributor

Hi all,

I am trying to configure WebGIS DR backup and have set properties file correctly for my ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1. It has Portal, ArcGIS GIS Server Site as a hosting site and another ArcGIS Image Server site federated. ArcGIS Portal is configured with Windows AD for Identity. Initial portal admin account is active.

All components of ArcGIS Enterprise use same domain account for Windows services. 

Backup for Portal and Data Store works but backup for two federated servers fail with "Unable to generate token". I am using 7443 based portal url " " for PORTAL_ADMIN_URL property . And I am using builtin portal account that was used to create portal site as PORTAL_ADMIN_USERNAME property.

I tried to change to Web Adaptor based URL for PORTAL_ADMIN_URL property but it doesn't like it and complains "Invalid domain account: xxxxxx". 

Changed the log mode to Debug and the first error is {"code":500,"messages":["Error while processing request. Internal error. JSON response not set."],"status":"error"

Any idea how I can get around failed to generate token error?



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