Web-map editing in Desktop: "Synchronize Local Edits With Server", edits not retaining

07-25-2018 02:18 PM
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Hello, I'm performing edits for my company on feature layers brought down in Portal as a Web-Map. My task requires that I edit some of the cells within an attribute table and delete some of the records entirely. I made both types of edits to a number of these layers successfully, using the workflow of bringing in the Web-Map, creating a local copy for editing, making my edits, stopping and saving my edits and then synchronizing the local edits to the server. All of my feature layers have table relations. 

However, for one of my feature layers, the delete edits don't seem to "stick". Following the same work-flow results in a local copy edited to my target goals but when I synchronize the local edits with the server and reopen the attribute table deletions I've made to rows do not appear. I can make cell alterations, it seems my problem is confined to keeping deletions, deleted into the synchronized server.  

Has anyone had a similar issue? I've tried to break the relations in the problem layer, make my edits and then re-relate but deletions in the problem area still won't sync. 

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