Washed out basemaps

01-31-2013 12:14 PM
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I was creating a simple map in ArcGIS 10 with point data.  I have tried using Bing Road maps, Open Street maps, they all come back with a washed out, barely see the streets, very little detail etc. My scale is set at 1:160,000 for city area.  Points are perfect and bright. When I print the maps out as a .jpeg or .pdf, they are nearly unreadable. What am I doing wrong?
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Change the Output Image Quality to 4 or 5 (Resample Ratio). Also, try deleting your Bing maps cache. ArcMap does some weird things with rasters in the export engine. There's a few threads floating around with other people going through this pain. I've permanently disabled basemap (Bing) layer caching and that makes the export work fine 99% of the time.
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