Visualizing/presenting noise contours as soft border

01-10-2011 11:07 PM
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I need to present aircraft noise contours calculated with INM (integrated noise model). The goal is to visualize the technical limitations of the method which would correspond more to real life scenario of the aircraft noise than a straight forward contour lines achieved by the modeling method. There is also an official presentation of aircraft noise contours instructed in planning regulations (soft border presented in wave line format, see attached jpg) which would ideally be used in the solution. Noise modeling method used has an accuracy of 2dB (1dB on each side of the contour). This corresponds on really rough estimate to 200 meters on earth surface on meaningful range of the noise.

I know about using representations in ArcGIS but the problem is we need to make these contour lines usable in vector format also in other GIS-software. Preferably this would also be done so that users could not easily modify the presentation. The only way to achieve that I know of is to hardcode the contour lines to ???wave line???. Is there a way to do this in ArcGIS?

I realize this solution would not be ideal for managing the geoinformation integrity, but keep in mind this is purely a cartographic solution for the needs of decision making and the format has to be recognized easily by different types of software. Any thoughts or ideas are highly appreciated.
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