utility line symbology with marker symbol

08-15-2011 10:33 AM
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When I symbolize utility lines, I use the first letter of the utility as a marker symbol along the line.  For instance, an underground electric line would be symbolized as ----E----E----.  The problem I'm having is forcing the letter to always fall into the space I've created in the template for the line.  I also want to give some space between line and letter ----- E -----.  Shorter lines or segments are the most problematic and it carries over when I create the legend.
I've had some success adjusting the symbol layer templates so that the marker symbol falls on the gap in the line symbol.  I've also made sure that both parts of the symbol have the same interval setting.
Any suggestions for making this an easier process?
Does map scale have an effect?
How can I make adjustments in the legend so that the marker symbol falls in the middle of the patch with line on either side ----- E ----- ?
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Not sure what the problem is. I have just tried it and it seems to work ok. Here's what it did:

I made a line symbol consisting of a Marker Line Symbol (for the E) and a Cartographic Line Symbol for the line.

For the Marker line I set the template with all the squares white except the first one. (screen1.jpg)

For the Carto line I set 6 white spaces at the beginning and end of the template, the rest black. (screen2.jpg)

This works for me.
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Thank you for the post, I have never fully understood how the marker line template works.   Your explanation was very clear and easy to apply.

Thanks again!
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Where did you get the E from in the first place? Please help, I've spent all day trying to figure exactly this out.
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In the properties for your Marker Line Symbol, go to the Marker Line tab, click the Symbol button, double-click the symbol preview in the top-right of the Symbol Selector window.

You can then select any font you like and pick the appropriate letter.

Hope that helps

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