Using AGOL credentials to store created_user instead of portaladmin

01-13-2022 01:01 PM
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Good afternoon ESRI community,

I've published a feature class to portal, and then brought the map service from portal into AGOL and stored the credentials. We will be using the layer to update features in Field Maps. However, whenever a feature is created/updated in Field Maps, instead of showing the username of the org member who is making updates, it stores "portaladmin" for all creators/editors.


Is there a solution or workaround to get the field to autopopulate to the org member's AGOL username instead of "portaladmin"? We want to publish to Portal first to store credentials, and do not want to publish to AGOL first because AGOL doesn't show live updates on our database.

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Unfortunately that is one downside to storing credentials for a secured service.  When editing a secured feature service with stored credentials, I'm not aware of a way to capture the org member's username instead of the username from the stored credentials.  

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