Update published Feature Layer Permissions in Data Store

06-28-2021 09:30 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm experimenting with a test data store on our enterprise portal hoping to get a better understanding of potential workflows and working with data in general.

I did an import process from SDE and have 134 layers listed in the data store (268 total Feature and Map Image Layer items).

Is there a way to set the sharing level of all 268 items to organization at the same time?  I don't see a way to do it.

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Hello Keary

There are various options to set the sharing level for items in ArcGIS Enterprise. I am going to assume that you have imported the 134 layers from an enterprise geodatabase (SDE) into a relational ArcGIS Data Store? How did you import the layers? For example, through the Share > Share web layer in ArcGIS Pro,  adding the items through Portal itself or through some python script or ETL tool?

Cheers Ed

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