Unable to access the analysis service

06-05-2017 02:36 PM
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I have installed a Portal for Arcgis with web adaptor and ArcGIS Server Enterprise with web adaptor enabled and a Relational Data Store. The ArcGIS Server is federated with my Portal and configured as hosting server. Both on a single machine and are the same version 10.5.
I verified that the SpatialAnalysisTools GP is started as a Service inside de System folder.
However, after all the settings, even log in the Portal as an administrator, it is not possible to perform analyses.
When I enter a map, click on Analysis and try to perform any spatial analysis function, it returns an error message:
"Unable to access the analysis service"

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You'll need to inspect the network traffic using the developer tools within your browser or Fiddler.  For example, using the Chrome developer tools, you'll be able to see a request for the Spatial Analysis Tools GP service:

The response should give you the JSON of the service:

If that request fails, the error you see will be returned.

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Thanks Jonathan!

When I federated ArcGIS Server I input the Services URL: https://localhost/server/rest/services
However, the correct thing was to put the path only to the server. Services URL: https://localhost/server

I removed the server configuration as Hosting Server and unfederate it.

After this, I federate and configured it as Hosting Server and now is possible to perform analyses.

With the same user and with the same layer, now I can perform the spatial analysis operation to Create Buffers.
However, when I try to run Analyze Patterns -> Interpolate Points it gives an error.

I used the same suggested procedure to try to find the new error and could not find it.
The portal user belongs to the admin group, I already tested it with another one that belongs to the publisher group and gave the same error.

error interpolate points arcgis server and portal

I Verified the ArcGIS Server logs (https://localhost:6443/arcgis/manager/log.html) but not found the cause of the problem.

After that, I modified the SpatialAnalystTools service to display information. When accessing the Job by its ID:

Returned the following messages

Job Details: j372c22f1edc24bb5a01eb7bcd921181c (InterpolatePoints)

Job ID: j372c22f1edc24bb5a01eb7bcd921181c

Job Status: esriJobFailed

Job Messages:

  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Submetido.
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executando...
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executando (InterpolatePoints): InterpolatePoints "Conjunto de Feições" ii 5 false GeometricInterval 10 # # # {"serviceProperties":{"name":"pnt_sphe_G04399_19042017_Prediction","serviceUrl":"http://localhost/server/rest/services/Hosted/pnt_sphe_G04399_19042017_Prediction/FeatureServer"},"itemProperties":{"itemId":"5d32e1105d7e4775964dda888a459a01"}} {"extent":{"type":"extent","xmin":-5335024.1368702492,"ymin":-2433209.0356290783,"xmax":-5332530.37882238,"ymax":-2430686.6136956015,"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100,"latestWkid":3857}}}
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Tempo Inicial: Tue Jun 06 11:49:56 2017
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Executando script InterpolatePoints...
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Publishing Privilege Check: OK
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: input layer: layer0,,esriGeometryPoint,90
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 2.797 Get input Layer layer0
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: bounding polygon layer: ,,,0
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 0.002 Get bounding polygon Layer
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: prediction point layer: ,,,0
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 0.002 Get Prediction Layer features
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: interpolated Output features: in_memory\interpolatedContours
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 0.002 Analyzing parameters
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 0.001 EBK
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: ********* All other tool messages for debugging **********
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [1, 0, u'Executando: EmpiricalBayesianKriging layer0 ii galayer # 5,31760000003874 NONE 75 1,5 100 # PREDICTION 0,5 EXCEED # POWER']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [2, 0, u'Tempo Inicial: Tue Jun 06 11:49:59 2017']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [100, -2147467259, u'N\xe3o foi poss\xedvel executar. Os par\xe2metros n\xe3o s\xe3o v\xe1lidos.']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [100, 824, u'ERROR 000824: A ferramenta n\xe3o tem licen\xe7a.']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [100, -2147467259, u'Ocorreu um erro ao executar (EmpiricalBayesianKriging).']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: [3, 0, u'Falha em Tue Jun 06 11:49:59 2017 (Tempo Decorrido: 0,01 segundos)']
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: AddExceptionError
  • esriJobMessageTypeError: {"messageCode": "AO_100104", "message": "InterpolatePoints failed."}
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Timer: 0.090 cleanup
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Completed script InterpolatePoints...
  • esriJobMessageTypeError: Ocorreu um erro ao executar (InterpolatePoints).
  • esriJobMessageTypeInformative: Falha em Tue Jun 06 11:49:59 2017 (Tempo Decorrido: 3,38 segundos)
  • esriJobMessageTypeError: Ocorreu um Erro.
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I submitted another specific license question and another employee already answered me:

Thank you very much for your attention.