UK Nuclear Plant Modelling Query

09-08-2012 02:08 PM
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Hello guys,

desperate time leads to desperate measures.

I am currently focusing my research project in modelling coastal flooding to nuclear power plant specifically in the UK. I have research a few tutorial posted here and elsewhere. However, the technical jargon is not getting into my head and i am not an expert in arcgis as this is the primary software i am thinking of using.

Could anyone simply and give a simpler guide on how to approach this.

any help will be much appreciated.

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What specifically is the problem you are trying to solve? Coastal Flooding and Nuclear Power plants are two very broad topics, so let us know what you're trying to get at pretty specifically.
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I am focusing on four main sites in the UK; Dungness, Hinkley, Bradwell, Sizewell. I have access to
digimap a ordnance map database. I think I could use the map showing the sites into Arcgis. I am not sure what data i would need to satisfy my need to produce this data.

Due to time constraints all what I am thinking of show how far inland the water will proceed if there is coastal flooding/Storm surge of i.e 1m, 0.7m etc. I know this will give generalisation, but I need to get this done. If I would also like to include erosion factor in the map.
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You'll need some kind of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or an elevation layer of your study area in raster format.  From there looking at sea level rise is simple:  Use the Reclassify tool to isolate the raster cells at the specific elevations of sea level rise.  Symbolize them with different colors and you should get the result you're looking for.

In the U.S. we use the National Map (  I do not know the UK equivalent.

Let me know if this explanation contains jargon you're unfamiliar with.

Hope this helps,
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