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Tint Banding available in 10 or 10.1 if so how is it done

12-10-2012 06:52 PM
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Hi all,

I have recently seen an amazing map put out BOM in Australia and I want to re-create one of the cartographic effects. I think its called tint banding?? But not really sure would love some advise or point me to a how-to section. I have attached the image so you can have a look and see what I mean

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You can use a gradient fill with the 'buffered' style. You'll have to play with each one to make it look good but it's easily doable with some patience and colour wheel magic. With complex polygons this terribly slows down the draw speed of your MXD so I'd wait until you have everything else done before adding this cartographic effect.

The attached image I did under 5 minutes. The colour are horrible so if you use some actual colour theory on the gradient colours you can make a good looking map.
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