The most convenient way of converting LAS/XYZ coordinates from SPCS to Lat/Long/Alt?

07-16-2012 07:32 AM
New Contributor

ArcGIS is a nifty piece of software but my current need is actually a batch job for converting map coordinates from State Plane Coordinate System (provided in LiDAR data files in LAS format or possibly in simpler XYZ text files) to a list of Latitude, Longitude and Altitude values. (Naturally I have or can extract all the parameters for the projection etc.)

I know this is possible using the command line interface and Python scripting and I suspect that a conversion task like this has an existing solution but I could not find it from the ArcGIS script directory or elsewhere.

Could you give me some pointers what would be the most convenient or efficient way of approaching this problem? As a new user to ArcGIS, the whole suite looks a bit heavy for this specific conversion task.
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