Survey123 with Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1.Hosted Server is configured but it is still not detected. How to properly do this process?

01-09-2017 03:28 AM
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How to use Survey123 with Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1.? We have followed an Geonet article and did following things.

  1. Installed ArcGIS Server + Portal for ArcGIS
  2. Installed ArcGIS Data Store and Configured
  3. Configured it as a federated server and then select it as the hosted server

But Survey123 is indicating this error. 


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Supun,

Have you tested to ensure that you've installed Portal for ArcGIS with the hosting server with ArcGIS Data Store correctly? Can you publish a hosted feature service to Portal from ArcMap, or when you upload a shapefile on the My Contents page?

What release of Survey123 for ArcGIS are you using?

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Hi Derek

Yes. Now hosted server is ok. From ArcMap we can publish.From Survey123 also we were able to add the portal with 7443 port. but only using the domain name we couldn't add the portal. (Survey123 application version is 1.3.10)


Still uploaading a shapefile is giving errors and All the published data in my content is giving an error when directly adding them to Map Viewer. 

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