Status: 500 Error When Registering Geocortex Workflow Widget for Portal 10.5

05-14-2018 11:51 AM
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I am facing an error in ArcGIS Portal 10.5 while registering a workflow widget from Latitude Geocortex , following the documentation step by step guide from Geocortex. 

The error is - Unable to load status: 500

this error seems to be exactly same as per this post in geonet- Status: 500 Error When Registering Custom Widget for Portal 10.5.1  but in my case the widget is from geocortex.

I further followed this documentation - Add custom widgets—Portal for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Enterprise  to check if there is any step missing in  the geocortex add custom workflow widget guide. I got CORS installed on IIS7 and also did the other mentioned steps in above add custom widgets esri link. but still the same issue of error 500. checked with fiddler but there is no outgoing traffic so no chances of any port etc. blocked. 

Hitting the manifest json url on browser on same server IE browser , works fine but not on Portal. on Portal its error 500.

Please Help me, what am i missing here.....

Thanks in advance,

Vipul Soni

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