Splitting a Line Representation

03-06-2014 05:28 AM
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Yes, yes, Esri says: "you should perform geometry edits???like Split and Merge???that create new features prior to overriding shapes".
However, my work flow needs to allow for spit edits of existing line features and their associated representation overrides (electric transmission lines that have attribute changes).
I really need to split a line representation - can it be done? Or do I need to recreate the override after splitting the underlying geometry?

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have you tried inserting two vertices (insert vertex from the representation toolbar) in the part where you want to split the rep?
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Of course you can split a line using Split Tool and a new attribute will be created if you do the split. And you also can change the type of line following what subtype you want to use. My attachment picture shows it can be done.


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