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Sign in automatically to portal

11-18-2022 01:51 AM
New Contributor


We are building new applications which will be hosted in same domain as ArcGIS Portal and we would like to integrate login via ArcGIS Portal there.
There are no problems to do that: we tested with multiple ArcGIS samples and everything works well except one thing: we get login dialog all the time and user need to enter user/password even if it already logged in into ArcGIS portal.

There is cookie which ArcGIS use and it comes to my application, but ArcGIS still force to enter user/password again.
Test login workflows using following ESRI APIs and everywhere it's same issue:
1. ArcGISIdentityManager.beginOAuth2(....)

2. esriId.checkSignInStatus(....)


Someone know if there is some way to ensure that user should not enter user/password when logging into my application since already logged in into ArcGIS Portal?


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