Show and filter on related attributes in ArcGIS Portal webmap

07-12-2018 02:36 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with the following problem I have in the ArcGIS webmap! I've tried many things but no success yet.

The goal is to filter and query on a related attributes of a layer in the webmap in Portal.

This is what I did:

- In ArcMap: I have 3 layers which are related with eachother.

- Let say: table A is related to tabel B. And B is realated to table C.  (one to one)

- So in ArcMap, the layer and table A has an attribute of the related table C. 

- I published these layers in ArcMap to ArcGIS Portal and add it in a webmap.

- In the webmap, when I open the attribute table of layer A, I see a relation to the attributes of table C. So I can click to the attributes of table C. But I cannot directly view them in the table of A.

- The latter makes it also impossible to query and filter in table A on an related attribute of table C

Does someone has an idea or solution for this? Let me know if something is unclear in how I described the problem.

- I am using ArcGIS Enterprise, and publish data on the Portal. So I publish a feature service from .sde connection

The following options I already tried, or are not an option at all in this case

- I don't want to make an copy of the data. So hosted feature layers or an export in any other way is not an option.

- Map service is not an option. Only Feature service as the end user needs to be able to edit the data.

- Unfortunately we cannot use ArcGIS Pro in this case

- I already tried to join the tables, instead of related. But in both cases the are visible in the attribute table in ArcGIS, but when publish, not in the table of the feature service in the webmap

- Joining ín the webmap (with Analyse tool) doesn't work either since a new/copy of the data is created.

Thanks a lot for any help or tips!

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