sharing to Portal (publishing) fails

03-27-2015 09:12 AM
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When publishing to a Portal resource, I get the following message, to the effect that packaging succeeded but publishing failed.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


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Use the following patch.

ArcGIS 10.3 for Server Site Creation Failure and Service Startup Performance Patch | Samples and Uti...

You need to login as "Administrator" or "Publisher". The publishing would fail if you login with "User" privileges.

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I have administrator privileges as an organization member, but am not the Portal administrator who sets up Server and the Portal software themselves--also, I should have mentioned that this is 10.2.2

I nevertheless appreciate your reply!  thanks


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Solved my problem!!!

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It turns out we needed to rebuild the back-end server to address this issue.Live and Learn!

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Hi Robert,

I too experienced this issue multiple times and resolved using following options :

Option 1:

  • Added Geoprocessing -> Results in ArcMap.
  • Analyzed error details. Observed that Cartography was having some problem which I replaced and it worked.

Option 2:

  • I had tried removing unused Services from Server and it worked.

Just try above options. Still, if unresolved, please share snapshot of GP Results output.


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Robert, it could be a couple of things.

One simple thing that would cause the publishing to fail is if the server did not have the storage capacity for whatever you are trying to publish. This has happened to me with very large datasets.

Another thing is the Server URL, have you published before to this ArcGIS Server connection? I know you mentioned Portal but Server is usually the GIS Server connection with Portal being where content is shared, managed, and viewed? If this is a new ArcGIS Server connection check the Server URL in the Connection Properties, if it has the port in the URL, try dropping the port, saving the connection then republishing.

Example with port


Example without port


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thanks--I'll try that!


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In Portal 10.4, this error can also be related to the Display Field of the mxd or the schema setup of a zipped up file geodatabase.

I have just posted a complete analysis of this situation here: Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed. ERROR 001369: - One Solution

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Please check this,

ArcGIS for Server Publishing Patch for 10.4.0 & 10.4.1  

Please check for you Mdx file which you are trying to share as package.

Some time its happen SQL query are not supported in ArcMAP like !=.

Check and publish/ share package again.