Scale problems: differences between print and screen at same scale

11-26-2012 02:14 AM
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Hi, sorry if this has been adressed before, I couldn't find anything relevant when searching.

We're using ArcMap 10.1 with SP 1. We have an MXD with a few layers containing the same data (contour lines), that are added twice for cartographic purposes. The first layer is set up to be visible at scales 1:1 to 1:2000, and the second from 1:2001 to 1:20 000. The lines are drawn at different thicknesses in the different layers.

When viewing the MXD in ArcMap at scale 1:2000, the results are as expected (I see the first layer containing contour lines), as is export to PDF. But when printing to paper, I don't get any contour lines. Printing at 1:2001 gives me contour lines from the second layer.

We also have a service set up from this MXD in a GeoCortex site (Silverlight viewer 1.6). Viewing at scale 1:2000 gives me contour lines from the first layer, but a scale of 1:2001 gives me none of them. When printing using a print template we have set up in GeoCortex, I get no contour lines at 1:2000 (sic!).

There seems to be inconsistencies in how the different software handles the scales I set up in my MXD. I can change the scale ranges in the MXD to for instance 1:1-1:2001 and 1:2001-1:20 000, but this will give me problems when exporting PDFs.

Has anyone had problems like this before? Any ideas for a workaround? Are these behaviours bugs, or expected?

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