SAML-based groups privacy

04-24-2020 06:00 AM
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We successfully activated the groups in portal to link our AD groups to portal groups. We are uing ADFS as identity provider because the company is splitted into two entities. One uses AD, the other one LDAP.

I create a group Test, and linked it to one of our AD group. The group is visible by the organisation entirely, and this group appear under My Groups, as I belnged to it in the AD. Now, I am having trouble understanding if the content of this groups can be private or not.

For now, my colleagues can see the group, which is not a problem. My problem is that they can see the content of this group and they shouldn't. I checked and the content is only shared with this group. Why the organisation can access it? 

is there a way to keep the content hidden or private? Like you can see the group but not the content?



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