Safe To Delete Portal "db" Folders?

01-08-2019 02:00 AM
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I have highly available Portal stack and I've noticed  in our failover server, there is large quantity of folders with the prefix "db" and a hash that follows in the "arcgisportal" directory. See the image below, they are consuming are large amount of disk space!  

Should portal be cleaning these up?

Is it safe to manually delete these or is there script that should be run?

Many thanks!

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Esri Notable Contributor

Yes, they can be deleted as they only store snapshots of your data as backups. However, they appear to be created at a pretty high frequency so there's a deeper problem. They should only be created once during "failback", where the standby is returning from a failure, or during restores. Do you have a promote.dat file in the db directory on the primary?

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for letting me know I can safely delete them, I'll need to find out what happened exactly during the period it was rapidly creating backups. fortunately it seems to have settled now.

I'ved checked and I don't seem to have a promote.dat file in the db directory on the primary...

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