Rounded Corners Bug Circa 2001

06-27-2011 12:00 PM
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Has anyone ever figured out a solution to this ancient bug?

Attached I have a cheat where I have a second data frame below the real data frame but this trick only works with white space.

It's still unresolved in Arc10.

Go Microsoft GDI:
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Is it still a problem in 10.1 - if not, perhaps another reason to upgrade (again)?
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Unfortunately, if you are talking about NIM006938 (which is referenced in that KB), then it is not fixed. The reason being is that it is a limitation of the Windows GDI graphics engine we use.
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I just encountered the rounded corners bug for the first time while using 10.2.  My issue was a little different than the transparency or raster overlap problems.  I had the ESRI Shaded Relief basemap in a separate layout to be used as an extent indicator.  The basemap caused the same rounded corners issue.  I removed the basemap and recreated the look I wanted with feature classes and it took care of the rounded corners just fine.
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It makes me so satisfied your vast understanding and wisdom have a new channel on the world.
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