REST Endpoint for Feature Layer via Portal

08-12-2019 07:45 AM
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The security at the place I work is a tad wonky and I'm still wrapping my head around Portal use vs Server.  

Basically the Services Directory is disabled for Portal and the Token generation route will not be acceptable for where I am, so if I wanted to get the REST endpoint for a feature through the Portal instead of the server, is there a way to do it (without

exposing other feature layers/services)?  


https://[server portal name]/server/rest/services/myPortalTest/portalTestFeatures/FeatureServer

- returns Error 403 (Services Directory Disabled)

https://[server portal name]/server/rest/services//myPortalTest/portalTestFeatures/MapServer?f=jsapi

- returns layers (2 in my sample deploy)

So, if I wanted to grab just the first layer
https://[server portal name]/server/rest/services//myPortalTest/portalTestFeatures/MapServer/0

or the 2nd layer (../MapServer/1)

it gives me a 403 error

and I'm trying to see if there's a specific way to get that via Portal with the Services Directory disabled and without being able to generate a token


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