resize data frames in layout view

04-21-2010 09:15 AM
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In layout view, is there a shortcut to resize the data frame without changing the scale or extent (and without having first set a fixed extent)?  Sometimes I just want to reduce the amount of white space around the layers while in layout view.  I thought there used to be a keyboard shortcut which allowed me to resize the data frame and maintain both the current scale and extent.  I'm using Desktop 9.3. Thanks.
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I am not aware of any such shortcut, but what I do is set a bookmark view (which I guess is not much different from setting a 'fixed extent' as you mentioned). Sorry, I can't be of much help.

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Somewhere in the dataframe's properties dialog box there is the option to choose between the scale being constant and the extent changing or the extent being constant and the scale changing upon resizing of the dataframe. But I have to say this somehow has never worked properly for me: No matter what I choose the extent stays and the scale varies.

I guess, setting a bookmark would be the most efficient option.

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If "reduce the amount of white space around the layers" in Layout View is the issue, then you may set the size to exactly match the extent of a layer. This is how you do (unfortunately you may only do it using the extent of a feature layer, not a raster):

1. R-click the Data Frame => Properties.
2. In the Data Frame Properties dialog, choose the Data Frame tab.
3. In the Extent section, click the radio button Fixed Extent => Advanced... button.
4. In the Data Frame - Fixed Extent dialog, click the radio button Outline Of Features => choose feature layer from the Layer drop-down list => OK => Apply/OK

Now the extent of the data frame has aligned to the extent of the chosen feature layer (i. e. all white space around the feature layer is removed). You may resize your data frame (scale changes accordingly), however, the white spaces won´t return. 

Hope this solves your problem,

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I have 2 overlapping layouts, each defined to the extent of a polygon, and visually the mapped areas do not overlap (in the layout view). However, when I print or export to PDF or PNG the rectangular extent of one data frame masks or whites out the other one where they overlap.

Neither data frame has a border or background color (set to "none"). Is there a setting that I am missing? Is there something I need to change in print properties or in the export map dialog that I didn't have to set before version 10?
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