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Rematch not available when geocoding with Enterprise Portal

03-18-2022 03:56 PM
New Contributor III

I have ArcGIS Enterprise 8.1 and I have an internal composite locator published to Portal (using ArcGIS Pro).  The composite locator works fine, but when there are unmatched records, they don't show up in the Unmatched tab when I choose to review them.

Any ideas how to enable this?  I have seen this in two different Enterprise Portal sites within our organization.




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Esri Regular Contributor

Based on the screenshot it looks like there are no unmatched records. How many unmatched records should be displayed here? 

Do you get the same unmatched behavior when you geocode the table in ArcGIS Pro with the same composite locator on the portal?

What is the format of the table that was geocoded on the portal?

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