Relationship Class Not Displaying in Pop-up in Portal Map

10-26-2015 10:53 AM
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I have a relationship class defined for my land-use zoning layer that is linked to a table containing zoning descriptions. I want to define a popup that shows the zoning code and the zoning description from the related table. I have defined a map service using ArcMap which contains the zoning layer which contains the relationship class. When I view this service in Portal Map, I do not see the related fields when I go to define the popup. However, if I define the relationship in ArcMap, it will show up in the Portal Map popup configuration but it now contains duplicate tables (presumably one for the relationship class and the other for the relationship defined in ArcMap). Is there a way to only access the relationship class fields?

Thanks! Steve.

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This might be a stupid question, but does the ArcGIS server account have read privileges on the related table?  Also, did you add the table to the map prior to publishing?  The table has to be in the .mxd.

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Thanks Jacob. Yes, the related tables needed to be in the mxd. I thought when I did this I was getting duplicate tables but, in fact, they were not duplicates. When viewing "Related Records" in the app it displays all related tables . . . it was a matter of understanding the behaviour on my part. :\

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Correct. The related tables need to be in the mxd as the related tables need to have their corresponding MapService / #.  The Relate in the mxd is not needed.. the relationshipclass will be in the geodatabase.

The Web Map will consume the Mapping Services, and must also contain the layer and the table. (tables will show up at the bottom of the TOC (Content) of the web map.

Popup will then show by default a link to see related records.  This text can be changed in the Server\Apps\##\widgets\AttributeTable\nls\strings.js  file... there is a text row - ShowRelatedRecords : "Put Text Here".

And yes, if the relationship class exists = the relate shows - aka all.