Reassign Portal Account Levels via ArcPy

06-06-2019 06:01 AM
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My organization is currently running ArcGIS Enterprise (10.6.1) and as the site administrator I am looking to improve efficiency for some tasks.  Is there currently a solution using ArcPy that will allow Portal administrators to remove a level 2 from a Portal account and replace it with a level 1?  We currently have a finite number of level 2 Portal licenses, and we would like to come up with a Python script that we could run that would complete this task for us when a user hasn't logged in recently (within the past 90 days or so).  In some cases, our users are granted a level 2 licenses and they end up using it a couple of times and never using it again.  We currently have around 4500 users (mostly level 1), and it would be beneficial if we could automate that process to prevent level 2 licenses from becoming stagnant.

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Hi Clint, you may find what you are looking for in the ArcGIS API for Python rather than ArcPy. In the API reference I found the update_level class which may help you accomplish this task:

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