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Publishing referenced data with a raster attribute

02-28-2023 07:06 PM
New Contributor III

Hi team,

I have a team member who has created a layer that they want included in our Enterprise Portal. One of the attribute types is a raster. From the file geodatabase and viewed in Pro, there is a link to a image (temp file on local drive) and we can get it to come up in the attribute window and in the pop up we can see it as a link. We have exported the layer it to our Enterprise database (and can see the image as above). When we shared it as a layer into our Portal (10.7.1) as referenced Map Image and Feature, we can not see the image, it's link or get it to come up in pop-ups. Does anyone know how we can share the image in the Portal? Or a way to export it so we can include it another way?


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