Public Facing Webapp randomly asks for login and password. Help....

04-06-2022 10:10 AM
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Good Afternoon,  I Have a public facing webapp for a provider search that is randomly asking users to login to the portal.  Has anyone ever seen this behavior before?  I don't even know how to begin troubleshooting it.   Here is the url to the application.   For the most part it works most of the time.  Then a user will email and say it is asking them for a password.  Often times they email someone at the agency the app is for and I never know the exact time of the error.    How would I trouble shoot this?  What could be causing this to happen?  I am running Version 10.9.1.  



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I don't have any obvious pointers. Sometimes I forget to remove an old layer from a search widget for example, which can cause problems. But not here. I've tried in 3 different browsers, all fine.

The only thing I ran into is that your portal is only accessible from IP addresses from the US (or at least the Netherlands is blocked by default)? I assume your clients are all local? Also this won't cause a login screen for your portal. Are you 100% it is actually the portal login screen they are getting? 

A sidenote, maybe this is intentional, but are you aware some of your data is publicly editable? For example the AllProviderDataProd feature service. 

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