Protal ArcGIS request some component to port 7443 (Non default port installation))

11-27-2019 04:17 AM
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I create ArcGIS Portal installation using linux webportal that using port 8081 (yes I can't use default 80/443 port because of IT complication and limitation). I have successfully configure it and able to see home page without problem via https://mydomain:8081/arcgis/home

But when I try to singin to portal, some element make a request towards port 7443 which no accessible from outside. I have try to update webcontext url to "https://mydomain:8081/arcgis" but still not working. 

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Are you using the web adaptor and did you follow the instructions below to configure the web adaptor to use a non-default port?

Use nondefault ports for the portal's ArcGIS Web Adaptor—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | ArcGI... 

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Did you find a solution for your Problem?

I do have the same issue with the following setup:

I followed the documentation ( and at some point after Login a resource is requested using the internal portal port:

This happens in the base.js --> getSecureUrl function. For some reason the property esriGeowConfig.self.httpsPort is set to 7443. The property location.hostname is set to the reverseproxy. Going into that method, the url is just fine:

Within that method that if-statement basically does this: 

b = b.replace(location.hostname, location.hostname + ":" + esriGeowConfig.self.httpsPort)

As result, the url is returned as

Note: I do have another webadaptor running on which uses the default port 443. As expected, everything works fine. (I need those two webadaptors, because I have one set up for IWA and the other for anonymous access).

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