Projected Spatial Ref for Ontario (or any Canadian region)

11-19-2010 11:37 AM
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I use the following url to find the projected spatial ref for the states/regions in the US but can't find anything for Canada (in this case, the province of Ontario):

In that list there's "NAD_1983_Ontario_MNR_Lambert" with 3161 as its value but that doesn't work.

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Are you trying to define the projection for a file that doesn't have a defined coordinate system or are you trying to project geographic data (aka decimal degree data) to some other coordinate system?  If it is the former, then you need to find out from the source what the projection was before using the Define Projection Tool...if it is the latter, then select from the many projected coordinate systems that can be used for Canada or Ontario depending upon your needs (Project tool in Arctoolbox)
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Check out some of the GIS portals for Canada.
Cross reference what some of the National coverages use as projections if need be.

Geogratis - Administrative Boundaries (provincial borders)
Geobase - Administrative Boundaries
Ontario - Ministry of Natural Resources map page, see what projections are used on the maps (read fine print)
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Thanks and sorry for the delay. Before resorting to ArcToolbox or any other tools, if I have the MapServer URL can I find this number somehow?
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