Print widget can't print from file based service?

11-06-2015 11:36 AM
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Here the condition:

ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Portal, Editor - all 10.3.

Web App Builder 1.1.

All are on the same box.

I open an mxd and add some imagery files (SID files, about 50).

I publish mxd as a service, registering data source, fixing analyse problems etc.

The service works - I can display it in ArcMap, Portal and add to a WebMap.

But then, in a WAB app, the printing widget got stuck when I try to print this WebMap.

Browser debug doesn't reveal anything except print service timeout.

The imagery files are located in a folder with "everyone read/write permission".

Otherwise printing works OK.

If I open an mxd, add raster catalog from gdb and publish as a service - the widget will print.

The problem is only when mxd is made from imagery files.

Thanks in advance!

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