Potential Bug: Add Data widget granting access to secure curated group layers

11-17-2022 08:07 AM
Occasional Contributor

We have some WebApp Builder applications created with Developer edition. We'd like to use a curated group so that users that are part of that Portal group (and not other users) can add that secure data on-the-fly in the map. 

If you are not signed in as a user with access to the curated group, we would expect a blank layer list in the Add Data widget given the way the permissions are granted at the layer and group level. If you are signed into the Portal as a user with access to the group, then the layer list would be populated with the group content.

At this time, the widget is granting access to viewing layers in that secure group to all users regardless of group membership, yet when Details is clicked to view the item page when signed out, it prompts a login. At that level to access the item page, the group and item sharing settings behave as expected, yet at the same time, the data is viewable in the map while it shouldn't be. 

Is this a bug? 

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