Possible to plot data with error bars?

10-17-2011 08:08 AM
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PLease forgive me if this is not the correct sub-forum for this question.

I am trying to plot point data (palaeomagnetic rotations) in ArcMap 9.2. I can plot the direction with no problems, using the geographical rotation option, but i need to add an error "wedge" to my direction arrows. Is this possible? Would i need to create a custom symbol? If so, how can i do this so that the arrow points to the orientation in one field, whilst the error wedge is the width given by the value in a second field?

Thank you very much for any help that can be given.

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Is this the wrong forum for this question, or do people just not know the answer? 🙂
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From experience, when you get into technical cartography it's a gamble as whether or not the right person will ever see your post. I'm always hoping this forum will pick up and we'll get to see some cool cartography.

I've done something similar in the past for transect errors

Have 3 versions of the same layer:
L1 - is your direction arrow
L2 - is the clockwise error angle
L3 - is the counter clockwise error angle

So all 3 are the same feature class but are stacked to look like 1 feature. Then on the legend you'll have to cheat by either making them a graphic or stacking 3 micro-legends on top of eachother.

Hope that is a decent solution.
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