Portal Web Map Zoom In Limits Changed After Map Created

12-04-2020 01:43 PM
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I'm new to creating web maps using data from our Esri portal.  I created and saved a map this week spending much time with getting zoom levels correct to reveal the details of our water system as the user zoomed in.  When I logged in today, I wasn't able to zoom to the same level of detail as I was when I created the map!  Two of the layers won't turn on now because I can't zoom in to their visibility threshold.

I am using the Open Street map basemap, and hadn't changed anything from the time I logged out to when I logged back in and couldn't zoom in.   1:1,128 is the closest I can zoom in now.  If I create a new map, I can zoom in to 1:71.  But if I close and re-open, I can only zoom to 1:1,128 -- which doesn't meet our needs.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  

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I haven't found any applicable options in the web map. But if you use it in a web app, you can configure the visible scales there.




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