Portal Web Application - random printing issues

01-20-2020 08:52 AM
New Contributor III

Good Day, as our inconsistent printing issues continue, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or things to investigate.  

Our set-up is Enterprise 10.7 across the board, with Server federated with Portal.  We have a simple .mxd template published as a printing service, for use in a Web Application inside our Portal, which is a secured application.  The printing service url is added and used in the WAB Print Widget.  

When printing, we seem to randomly go between everything working fine, nothing printing at all, or the pdf printing but with one layer not showing its symbology.  One day it will work fine, the next it will not, with nothing changing on the service or application.  Nothing indicative in the Server Manager logs.

I have read about Certificate Issues, perhaps that is our problem?

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