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portal item.delete return 500 runtime error

08-16-2022 10:41 PM
New Contributor

Helloo, I encounter below issue when applying the arcgis api for python item.delete to delete portal item. It returns the 500 runtime error. The item.delete(force=True, dry_run=True) returns canDelete=True which means it's deleteable but after run dry_run=False, it actually failed to delete. The api works well in DEV server. But stuck at this error in UAT/PRD. We guess there must be somewhere in settings causing such error. Please advise. Thank you. ArcGIS enterprise version: 10.7.1. 

Our findings and workaround:

Server is federated to portal as hosting server. Data stores all validated ok.

All ssl certificate are valid.

deleting item on portal works to remove both of portal item and service

manually deleting service in server manager works (although it's not recommended)

using rest api (.../users/xxx/items/xxxxxx/delete) returns bad handshake error.

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