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10-31-2019 09:08 AM
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I have Portal for ArcGIS working  well at two locations.  The biggest issue is that users get a print error when accessing an image service from an outside agency.  I have attached a image of the error message.

If the  background image is changes, printing seems to work fine.  Both instances of Portal experience the same thing.

I have communicate with the agency, but have not found a solution - other than use a different service, which I would rather not do.


James Armstrong

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When printing, the machine hosting the printing tools used in the web application is making an outbound request to all URLs in your web application/webmap. It sounds like your ArcGIS Server machine doesn't have access to the URLs that are being printed, likely due to a firewall. On the Server machine, see if you can reach the REST endpoint in a browser:

Imagery/Orthoimagery_Latest (ImageServer) 

If not, printing that service won't work.

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