Portal for ArcGIS - Number of users in Active Directory exceeds the number of entitled Portal users

12-22-2015 11:22 PM
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Here's a scenario:

An organization will deploy Portal for ArcGIS in their company, and will be using their Active Directory to log in the Portal. Given that they only have 200 entitled/licensed users, what will happen if:

1. The number of users in their Active Directory exceeds the number of entitled Portal users?

2. Will the error show up during the configuration of the Active Directory with the Portal for ArcGIS (assuming that Portal for ArcGIS will read that the number of users in the Active Directory is more that the number of entitled users)? or

3. Will the error show up when 201st user logs in the Portal?

4. What error message will show up in this instance?

5. Will the error message show up only on the user with the administrative privilege?

Thank you in advance, and Happy Holidays!

Karen Landicho

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Hi Marian,

The active directory can exceed the number of entitled Portal users.  To answer some of your questions:

1.  You can still configure Portal even though the Active Directory exceeds the number of entitled users

2.  No error will show up.  You have to manually add the enterprise users, or configure Portal to automatically add the users the first time the user accesses the portal

3.  If you setup Portal to automatically register enterprise accounts, you should receive an error/notification that there are no more available users when the users attempts to login

4.  I'm not sure of the exact error message/notification

5.  This message/notification should show up for any user that attempts to login and there are no more users left.  However, you can see how many users are available on the 'My Organization' page:

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Thanks for your response. It's really helpful!

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