Portal, Collector, IOS and Certificates

12-08-2017 09:34 AM
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Our organization is having some difficulty getting Collector maps/apps to work on mobile IOS's.  The data and maps are residing in Portal (10.5.1).  

2 behaviors we are seeing:

1) The behavior we see is that when opening collector on a mobile IOS device, and signing in to our Portal site, some users see that the Portal server is using an untrusted certificate.  However these users have installed our domain certificate on their device - at least the certificate that in IIS is bound to HTTPS.  But in Portaladmin, we can see that the application is using what I assume is the default SSL certificate, simple named 'portal' (however our domain certificate is loaded and available to be applied through portaladmin.   

2) For other IOS devices, they can get in to apps via Collector but the layers do not load.  

I am slightly confused about the relationship between the IIS HTTPS certificates, and the SSL certificate/s configured in portaladmin - I believe we should set the Portaladmin SLL certificate to be the same as the HTTPS cert in IIS, but do not want to pull the trigger without a little more knowledge about the interface between the 2.

I should add that all is working correctly for droid users

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