Point symbology to polygon

05-17-2011 08:21 AM
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I have a text file containing x- and y- coordinates and area values. What I want to get is a shapefile with circles of the same area as stored in the attribute 'area' (at the respective x y location).

What I did so far:
-Import the x and y data as a point shape file
-Change the symbology to proportional symbols (according to the area)
this already looks like what I want to have, but it is of course still only a point shapefile.

therefore, I converted the features to graphics, which gives me the circles as graphics. But if I convert this back to features, I still get only the point geometry, not polygon.

Can somebody help me? Or is there another way to get polygons at the x y location (of whatever shape) with the area according to a value stored in the attribute table?

Thanx a lot!
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Problem solved, the solution was actually very easy: Instead of doing the whole 'convert to graphics ' and vice versa procedure, I just created a buffer around my points according to the "radius" field (which was calculated before based on the area attribute).

Sometimes the solution is so easy if you find the right way...
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