Point symbolized as a line

07-08-2011 08:09 AM
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I am plotting points from a table through an event theme. However, the locations in the table are actually wells, so therefore lines. The point coordinates are for the top of the well.

Is there a way through symbology to extend a symbol's length a certain distance in real world coordinates (i.e., not layout measurement). As I zoom in and out of the map, I basically want the length to stay relative (maybe cheating by setting to a specific extent?) and not static.

I want to avoid doing any extra geoprocessing as the table is the only place that should be updated.

I would appreciate your thoughts.
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Could you clarify this question a bit? The symbol's length would represent well depth or some other linear measurement? Or a parameter? So as you zoomed out the markers would stay different relative sizes to eachother?

If so, I'm thinking a combination of Graduated Symbols and setting a Reference Scale should work.
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