Pie chart - change symbology based on field

05-18-2014 07:36 AM
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I would like to display permits to work fpr soecific points via pie chart. There fore I have six fields for six action (values: 0 or 1 for permit). That works all fine but now I I require to change the symbology for specific actions based on a kind of "status" field for each action (issued:0 or1). E.g. if action 1 is issued =0, the corresponding pie chart symbol shoud be a line fill symbol, if its issued = 1 it should have a simple fill symbol etc.... I have got all fields (6X actions <0|1>; 6X Issued_actionx < 0|1>) in one table.

Does somebody has an idea how to alter the symbology of a pie chart based on a field. I am quite familiar with arcpy, and it should theoretically some kind of simple "if elif" stuff but haven't found a reference so far...

Could anyone help me with some insides / ideas?

Many thanks and kind regards

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