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04-04-2014 10:24 AM
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Is there some setting I might need to adjust to make my picture symbol not look pixelated like the attached?  this used to look right, but since I believe it is since I got Windows 7 that it looks like this.     This is at about 1:500 but if I zoom out to 1:1000 it looks the same.   if I zoom into 1:250, the dark blue pixels look even more coarse.     that is the Water Intermittent symbol, and the similar Open Pasture symbol does the same thing...
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Hi Ninabean,

looks like you are facing  NIM011332: Zooming into a small scale causes BMP marker fill symbology to disappear.
The picture marker fill symbology will not print, export, or display in ArcMap when the data is zoomed to a very large scale.

You could try if the symbol looks better when converting it to *.emf (or *.jpg, *.png, *.tif when using ArcGIS 10.2.x).
For some symbols, you will find multiple graphic files available for your use in the ArcGIS Pictures folder already. Since these may be scaled differently, you can choose the one that best works for the scale of your map.

Within a small test it helped on my machine to export the symbol once again into a style and "re-use" that symbol. But that is unfortunately not an 100% solution.... it is not helping every symbol.

Hope these information help you,

Technical Support Esri Germany
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Danke Anna...... I tried the EMF version of that symbol (water_int.emf) that is already  the Pictures folder and it looked better but it was separated too much so there were gaps in between the symbol tiles.   Also, you can't change the background and foreground colors in the EMF.  I am not going to do any exporting of the symbol for what I need since it is an ESRI symbol. I will probably just use a different symbol or maybe even just live with the pixilation.    Thank you for your response though!
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