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No Data Found in hosted Portal Feature Layer

08-22-2023 11:45 AM
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A hosted feature layer I own in Portal had about 1,800 data points but suddenly there are 0 records when I try to view the data in the item details Data tab or add the layer to a new map/project. I noticed this when I was editing the feature layer in the web app, i.e., adding new features. However, the 1,800 features are still visible and editable in existing web maps/apps and Pro projects. This doesn't make any sense to me. Where is the data? Any insight and help with restoring the missing data will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 


Item details Data tab


Screenshot of hosted layer in existing Pro Project


- Ming 




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Hello @mingster ,

This seems to be an interesting one and would definitely needs some tracking to find the cause of the issue. I would suggest we can start at the following:

  •  Check the browser developer tools for the request when you click on the data tab
  • Try clearing the browser cache including cookies
  • Can you share a screenshot of the settings tab specifically "Feature Layer (hosted)" section

Hope it helps!


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