New Map Viewer - Attachments for Map Image Layers

03-11-2022 06:35 AM
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I have a webmap  containing a Map Image layer that I am viewing in the new map viewer. For some reason it does not recognize any attachments for one of the layers.  If I switch back to the Classic Viewer, I can configure the webmap to view attachments. 

Is there incompatibility with  map image layers and  the new map viewer?  I know Feature Layers do support viewing attachments in the new viewer. 



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Having the same issue.  Was a resolution found?


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I encountered the same issue:

I added some attachments to a demo dataset, that is published as MapImageService. /MapServer/
In the Map Viewer Classic, the attachment shows up in the popup and can be configured. The Attachments field also shows up in the attribute table.



In the new Map Viewer, the attachments field shows up in the attribute table, but it is not possible to configure this field in Pop-ups.

(latest Map Viewer release in ArcGIS Online)

It seems like attachments are at the moment only partially supported for MapImage Layers. allows querying  the attachment, but I assume the function is not included in the attachementscontent module in popups for MapImage Layers. There is no mentioning of MapImage Layers here:

"Viewing related records is only supported for ArcGIS Online feature services." Maybe there is a similar limitation for MapImage Layer attachments


Using the Feature Layer /MapServer/0/layer works fine with attachments, but is not an option.

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