Need help with configuring 'feature search' in Portal web app

11-24-2021 09:44 AM
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Trying to get 'feature search' working. - I have a simple app configured with a web map.

This is in Portal 10.9.

In the web map, under Application Settings, I have a layer and attribute set up to work with feature search.

But when I try to get this set up in the web app settings (Search tab) of a Basic Viewer ... all I can do is give the URL parameter a name. There is no way to pick/designate a layer as per the instructions here.

Any idea what I might be missing? Thanks.

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Hi @Arne_Gelfert 

I'm not sure if I got what you need, would prefer to provide some screenshots.

Anyhow, try to navigate to the Web Map you have, and then go to Settings tap, from there make sure to check Enable Search.

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