Need help trouble shooting Disperse Markers representations

03-17-2011 12:48 PM
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I need to use the disperse markers tool to disperse point data. I am new to "representations", but I have followed all the instructions closely and do believe that I have successfully created a representation for my feature class using the "Add representation" tool. The feature class now has a new field describing the RuleID for each point, and the symbology tab of the properties window indicates that the representation does exist.

However every time I try to use the "Disperse markers" tool with this feature class I get the error message "ERROR 000802 The layer does not contain a representation". I can't find any help documentation that explains why it believes the representation is missing.

Any tips on trouble shooting this?
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Error 000802

So you get this error after running only the Add Representation tool...

I wonder if you would still get an error when you run Disperse Markers after the Calculate Representation Rule tool has been ran using the output from the AddRep. tool?

Also, the Set Layer Representation tool will allow the representation to be available for other tools/processing (this layer and its representation are stored in-memory as part of the map, much like a Join is not final until the joined data has been exported).
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