Named Users and Active Directory Login

01-09-2020 07:30 AM
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I'm in the process of upgrading our 10.3 Server and ArcGIS Online to Enterprise 10.6.1 and Portal. I am completely confused and have a million questions.

We currently have 10 Named Users in ArcGIS Online. The Portal site says we have 50 Level 2 and 30 Level 1 users available. If I configure Enterprise? Portal? to use the organization's Windows logins what will happen?

Will the first 50 people who have logged into their computer and then go to the Portal website automatically get Level 2 access?

Will the 10 Named Users from ArcGIS Online be switched to the Portal?

What happens when more than 80 people who have logged into their computer go to the Portal website?

If an employee uses their company iPad to go to the website, will they automatically be logged in as a Portal user?

Will I have control over which employees see which groups in my Portal?

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