my river (polygon) colour change when it's been imported into image files

03-11-2014 08:45 PM
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Is there anybody had the same problem and solution?
I have a polygon, it is a river derived from ASTER GDEM.
From 1 scene ASTER, I got rivers, but 1 of them seems to be different.
When I do the layout of a river at big scale, I have a normal layout view.. the river color is blue and the data frame color is none.
But when I exported into an image (jpeg, pdf, tif, etc) it becomes different.
The river color is none BUT the data frame background is blue (as I set the blue color for the river in map view).
Why is that happen only in one of the river??
Please help...
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It is possible that there is a problem with the geometry of the polygon layer. Run Data Management Tools >> Features >> Repair Geometry, and see if that eliminates this issue.
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New Contributor simple as that..hehe it works successfully!
Thank you, Jim

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